Top 10 cooking mistakes I see during my cooking classes

I have been teaching cooking classes to hundreds of people for over a decade now and the best part of the experience has always been sharing our passion for food, personal kitchen anecdotes, cooking tips and exchanging recipes.

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Truth is, we are all so busy before departing for a holiday that we often find ourselves on the plane ready to depart with little knowledge of the

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Sicily is an island and, somehow, as soon as we hear island, we think about a rock in the sea with a few villages spread here and there.

Call it Bruciuluni, Farsumagru or Falsomagro this is one of the meat based Sicilian recipes I like the most.

Swordfish has been on of the most popular fish in Sicily  and teh rest of the Med for a long time, so much so that it is now at risk with overfishi

Bruschette with Pantelleria Capers and Sundried Cherry Tomatoes

(serves four)


The island offers all sorts of food experiences, from excellent Michelin star restaurants to nice trattorie, from pizzerias to interesting street f

Public transportation in Sicily can be a bit of a challenge, I have often been asked questions about getting around once you are on the island: Sic

Life in Italy has its own rhythm and Sicily is no exception, you should simply be aware of it before planning your day tours.

A classic!  Arancini are Sicilian rice deep fried delicacies served with various stuffings, this is the recipe for the one with ragù filling.