Top 10 cooking mistakes I see during my cooking classes

I have been teaching cooking classes to hundreds of people for over a decade now and the best part of the experience has always been sharing our passion for food, personal kitchen anecdotes, cooking tips and exchanging recipes.

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Masterchef si o Masterchef no, this is the question?

We are now used to going from short sleeves strait to winter coats in Sicily.

For my Sicilian dessert recipes series today I chose some special fritters.

Another Mediterranean summer delight? Melanzane, of course!

Modica has its first Olympic gold medalist, Giorgio Avola.

For my Sicilian dessert recipes today I write about a summer favorite of mine, granita!

Many of you asked for details about the lesson we run at the end of June with guest teacher Palma D'Onofrio from La Prova del Cuoco, a popular lun

It was a real pleasure having Palma D'Onofrio from "La Prova del Cuoco", the Italian version of British TV programme Ready Steady Cook, in my kicth

This week the Italian cooking magazine La Prova del Cuoco, the official magazine of the successful RAI TV programme La Prova del Cuoco, version of

Katia's decision to come back to Sicily and start a cooking school, loveSicily, was featured on one of the episode of Voglio Vivere Così, a progra

As we prepare for Easter I could not miss a special post about a Sicilian special Easter Recipe.

When you are interviewed by a friend your answers just flow.