Cooking Classes in Sicily - What to expect.

What should you expect from a cooking class in Sicily with Katia? 

Cooking classes are hands-on and stress-free, everyone is welcome from 'first-time-in-the-kitchen' folks to skilled cooks with years of experience tucked into their apron strings.

What to Expect: 

The kitchen is a warm friendly environment and most of the action happens around the big island in the middle of the room.  There are no individual cooking stations,  big mirror or screen to show what the chef's hands are doing. We are close to each other and simply cook together, with everybody encouraged to contribute to each recipe as much as he/she wants to. 

You can expect to be standing for most of the class so please wear comfortable shoes.

You will be asked to remove jewellery from your hands and wrists.

Aprons are provided for everyone during the cooking class. 

Recipes are provided in PDF format and sent to you via email after the cooking class. 

You are welcome to take pictures but do remember to wash your hands afterwards as you will go back to cooking and, therefore, touching food.   

During the cooking classes in Sicily, like in most cooking lessons in other parts of Italy, we use the metric system and Celsius scale. If in doubt we can suggest various websites that will help you convert the data to other systems. like for example this Conversion Calculator

Written on
February 7, 2018