loveSicily Children cooking class: having fun making arancini and chocolate

No offence to the many nice loveSicily-over 10 years old guests who made teaching fun and interesting over the years;), but my favourite classes remain those with children! The energy, the fun and the unexpected questions, remarks and surprises are simply amazing, not to talk about their "cruel honesty" when we get to something they do not like! My lessons start usually with a "merenda", we sit around the table having some fresh juice and food while chatting......children have clear ideas about what they like or dislike, but they are also surprisingly open to the possibility of changing their mind. We then start cooking, after super-washing our hands. When the food is ready, we sit again to start drawing about the experience they just had in the kitchen. This time I was surprised by L., a 5 year old who decided he had to complement his drawing adding the recipe. He started asking spelling questions and I soon realised what he was up to. So here you have a 5 year old beautiful recipe about making Modica's chocolate. His brother, O. was excellent too, producing a fantastic picture of the lesson including all of us making and eating arancini. I wanted to share the pictures of the drawings with you here, you also have some purposely out-of-focus pictures of the class, just to give you an idea of the fun we had.

I usually suggest either a chocolate class, a pasta class or an arancini class for the little ones. Just get in touch if you want to know more or have other requests.

Written on
June 3, 2011