Modicana Cows

Modicana cows are reared in the Ragusa provice and the town of Modica in particular. The Modicana, a small yet sturdy breed of cow, part of Sicilian rural life for many centuries, can withstand Sicily's sunny climate and rocky terrain. These cows are characterised by a red coat with some darker shadings and are usually grazed outdoor for most of the year thus providing excellent milk which is the traditional raw material for one of Sicily's most prized cheeses: Ragusano. The rearing of this breed is in decline since over the past decades some people have preferred other breeds. This is mainly because compared to a more standard dairy cow such as the Freesian breed, the Modicana breed yields half the milk and does not provide a lot of meat. Today there are only 1,000 Modicanas on 14 farms across the area.