A Guide To Sicily

Sicily is the largest island of the Mediterranean and blessed with breathtaking nature, a richness of history and tradition and food to die for!

Defining Sicily, as any place in the world, is hard because of the mixture of natural settings (from the fierce nature of the Etna Volcano to the tranquil coasts of Ragusa and from long, arid plains of the inner land to the rocky sea cliffs around Palermo) and the mixture of cultures with the influences of the Greeks, Romans, Arabs, Normans, Spaniards and various others that have visited the island still visible today. The result is something uniquely Sicilian and offers wonderful architecture, food, traditions and, above all, personalities that are hard to resist.

Something we particularly love about Sicily is how it manages to be a fascinating place while hardly trying to do so. It all simply seems to exist and it's up to you to join in and enjoy it. 

In order to make the journey even more interesting we like to point people to the lesser known places, to areas where the pursuit of tourists (and its associated evils) has not led to five-star hotels ruining the coastline, and cookie-cuter restaurants with no local feel. 

In fact the best advice would be to stop reading about it and, hop on a plane and see for yourselves!