Honey from the Iblei mountains was already appreciated in ancient times when it was considered the best in the world, only surpassed by Greek honey from Mount Piretto. Ovid wrote "Nothing can compare to Hyblean honeycombs". Its fame still lives on in our times thanks to an natural environment where the right mix of wild plants grows. The carob tree, for example, is found in this area, along with a native variety of thyme, "thymus capitatus", also known as "satra" or "sadera", which grows profusely in the local stone quarries. The rest is up to methods of production that follow an age-old tradition. On the Ragusa side of the Iblean plateau, there are permanent and mobile beehives at an altitude of between 150 and 1000 metres, which produce several varieties of excellent "single plant" honey carob, thyme, but also orange blossom, chestnut and eucalyptus.