Travel To Sicily

Getting to Sicily is quite easy as the island has two major airports, Palermo and Catania, connected to many European cities with direct flights and to most cities in the rest of Italy. You can also get here by train or by ship from the mainland.

By Air

Palermo Airport is connected to many other Italian cities (Rome, Milan, Bergamo, Turin, Venice, Verona, Genoa, Bologna, Pisa, Forli, Cagliari, Florence, Naples and the islands of Pantelleria and Lampedusa) and destinations abroad (London Stansted, Paris, Madrid, Berlin-Tegel, Barcellona, Cologne-Bonn, Munich, Tunis, Valletta, Vienna). For information on getting from the airport to Palermo or other cities click here. Catania Airport is one of the busiest in Italy, third in line with Venice, Turin and Naples. There are connections to many cities on the mainland (Rome, Milan, Bergamo, Turin, Venice, Verona, Genoa, Bologna, Pisa, Forli, Olbia, Florence, Naples) and direct flights to many European and North African destinations (London Gatwick, Paris, Barcellona, Bruxelles, Munich, Zurig, Casablanca, Valletta). For information on getting from the airport to Catania or other cities click here. Trapani Airport is connected to Bari, Pisa and Rome on the mainland and to the following international destinations: Barcelona, Birmingham, Bremen, Dublin, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Stockholm . To see information specific to your departure point check out the various links on the right-hand side under "Travel to Sicily".

By Train

Sicily is, as you well know, an island. So many think that they have to get off the train to cross the channel and don't even ask for a ticket all the way to Sicily but to the tip of Italy - Reggio Calabria. However, you can get to Sicily by train without getting off to cross the channel as the train actually gets on the ferry and takes you straight to your destination. Keep in mind that, depending on your departure city, this can be a very long and tiring journey. In fact, there are overnight sleeper carriages from Milan and Venice to Palermo or Catania with stops in Bologna and Rome, in this case it is worth investing in Wagon Lits or couchettes service. For information check the Trenitalia website.

By Sea

There are three ways to get to Sicily by sea. There are boats going to Palermo from Cagliari, Civitavecchia, Genoa, Naples, Salerno, Tunis. There are also connections from Naples and Malta to Catania. Alternatively, you could catch the ferry from Malta to Pozzallo. It takes about 15min. by taxi to get to the port from the airport and the ferry usually takes an hour and twenty minutes to cross to Pozzallo. We have done this route several times and it is both very enjoyable and very comfortable, and it also gives you a good excuse to spend a day in Malta! Information regarding ferries to Sicily.