Swordfish has been on of the most popular fish in Sicily  and teh rest of the Med for a long time, so much so that it is now at risk with overfishi
Bruschette with Pantelleria Capers and Sundried Cherry Tomatoes(serves four)Ingredients
A classic!  Arancini are Sicilian rice deep fried delicacies served with various stuffings, this is the recipe for the one with ragù filling. 
Caponata is a classic Sicilian sweet & sour recipe. There are, as with all Sicilian recipes, many versions of it.
Sicilian Timballi, baked pasta or rice dishes, usually require a long preparation time as they include making a ragù (similar to a bolognese sauce)
How many incredible things happened to loveSicily in 2013.
Today the world celebrates Food Revolution Day, an event launched by international chef Jamie Oliver's to get people better connected to their food
For my Sicilian dessert recipes series, today I decided to write about a very special dessert dedicated to Sant' Agata.
Winter has finally arrived in Sicily. It is officially cold and there is nothing better I can think of than a cup of hot chocolate to warm us up.
Every year I like to prepare some Christmas foodie gifts for my friends, homemade biscuits, Modica's chocolate, jam, makes me happy
We are now used to going from short sleeves strait to winter coats in Sicily.