Timballo di Ziti

Sicilian Timballi, baked pasta or rice dishes, usually require a long preparation time as they include making a ragù (similar to a bolognese sauce), cooking various other ingredients separately and then bringing them all together. This version with ziti pasta, ricotta and Sicilian sausage is ideal when you do not have a lot of time to dedicate to cooking but still want to serve an excellent timballo.

700 gr ziti ( or any other kind of long thick pasta like bucatini)
600 gr ricotta cheese
200 gr sausage
150 gr grated caciocavallo cheese ( or parmesan cheese)
3 eggs


Cook the ziti al dente in abundant salted water. Mix the ricotta with 100 gr of grated cheese. Then brake the sausage into small chunks and add it to the ricotta with three beaten eggs and a teaspoon of ground pepper.
Get a round tray, spread the ricotta mixture on the bottom and add a layer of pasta in a circular manner so to follow the shape of the tray. Continue adding more layers of ricotta and pasta then finish off with grated cheese and bake in a preheated oven at 200° Celsius for 45 minutes.Then of course, serve with a generous spoon of super rich pork sauce, "sugu".

Written on
April 15, 2015