U Sicilianu

Those of you who have followed this blog before may have noticed the little piece on the sicilian dialect . Just to follow up from that we thought we might put up some links about websites on the web that use sicilian.

The first one, and clearly the winner in "Dedication to the Sicilian Language" category is Not only is it entirely in Sicilian and does not have a version in English, it advocates for the recognition of Sicilian as an official language. Now that may be taking it too far for some but still the website makes for great reading - we especially like the survey:

Sundaggiu Lingua Siciliana (Sicilan Language Survey)

Vutassi SI (vote yes) - Vutassi NO (vote no) - 'Un lu sacciu (I don't know) - Un vaju a vutari (I don't go to vote)

A more "moderate" one, is Arba Sicula, which promote the language through gatherings, publications and trips to Sicily. Finally, there is a short course here and a small vocabbulariu to wrap things up.

We expect you to all be fluent in Sicilian when you get here... no excuses ;-)

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September 16, 2004
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