Traditional Sicilian food is fun for kids: Vasteddi Fritti

This morning my 2 years old came rushing to let me know that she was attending a cookery class. The teacher? Grandma Carla, of course. I joined in as I could not resist the fun messing with flour and water.
We prepared a recipe that I often use in my cookery classes when I have a group of children or families: "Vasteddi".

Not to be confused with a typical Sicilian cheese from the western area of the island, Vastedda del Belice, the "vastedda" is simply durum wheat flour mixed with a pinch of salt and water. Some people also add bicarbonate of soda and lemon drops.
You prepare a soft but firm dough, roll it, cut into pieces and deep fry in olive oil.
You serve it hot with a sprinkle of salt. Vasteddi can be eaten on their own, with cheese and salamis or dipped in humus or eggplant mash.

Of course, if you prepare it with kids, the fun is not just in the process of playing with flour and making dough, but also in getting creative with the shapes of the "Vasteddi" which are traditionally round. Today we made stars, little moons, hearts and ducks.

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July 7, 2009
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