Tetrapak & loveSicily team building culinary competition

Yesterday, we hosted a team from Tetrapak for a team-building culinary competition. It was a great pleasure to organise the event for a world's leading company which is so committed to create and produce environmental friendly packaging solutions. Those who know me personally, know how much I complain and protest against pointless packaging that cannot be recycled, so I really appreciate their efforts, work and success.

The team did not know they were coming to cook, so when they met me in Corso Umberto I, it looked liked I was a friend of their guide Barbara who decided to invite them over for a cup of coffee. As soon as they walked into the school and saw the aprons, it was obvious there was food to be prepared. So they divided into four teams, got their recipes and I explained that it was going to be a compatition and set up the rules. Then we moved into the kitchen.

The "lemon team" in yellow aprons cooked artichokes with bread crumbs and Sicilain sausage, the "figs team" in purple aprons prepared Timballi alla Norma (baked Sicilian ring shaped pasta with fried eggplant) the "pomegranate team" in red made lemon meat balls and the "orange team" Sicilian cassate.
The loveSicily team plus their guide Barbara judged the execution and presentation. They were all very creative and executed the recipes really well, but there could be only one winner and the meat balls cooked by the Pomegranate team in red aprons got them the prize, a magnum bottle of Italian spumante.
After dinner, we set up the terrazza so that they could all share the spumante while admiring the beautiful view over Modica and San Giorgio church. We all made a toast to the future wishing for a great 2011.

The team-building culinary event was a success, but to be honest the team looked already very much like a well built team to me.

Written on
January 20, 2011