Playing with traditional food for a modern Sicilian Easter lunch: Arancino

For a 21st century Sicilian Easter lunch I suggest a modern interpreatation of a classic of Sicilian street food cuisine: Arancino aperto.

There are many versions of arancini around Sicily, the main variations being: rice with or without saffron, ragù for the filling with or without tomato sauce, filling with or without hard boiled eggs and cheese, etc.

Here I took inspiration from the typical arancini you find in my area, the Modica and Ragusa area, with saffron, ragù, cheese and hard boiled eggs.

I prepared a risotto with carnaroli rice and saffron, then a ragù with little tomato sauce and bay leaves, hard boiled quail eggs and caciocavallo cheese wafers.

Then I prepared the dish using a round cheese wafer as the base for the ragù, then adding a layer of rice, placing half quail egg in the centre and finishing it off with a cheese wafer and a bay leaf.

Happy Easter from loveSicily.

Written on
April 1, 2010