From island to island... spicing up my kitchen

Back from New Years celebrations in Cyprus with my in-laws, I could not miss the chance to buy spices at Limassol old market for some friends and for my own kitchen, in particular.

Right in the centre of the Eastern Mediterranean sea, the island of Cyprus where my husband is from, is in a key strategic position which caused the country centuries of political unrest and foreign invasions, but also turned its cuisine into a true celebration of Greek, Turkish and Middle Eastern delights.

West of Syria, Lebanon and Israel, South of Turkey, deeply related to Greece, it is the perfect place for me to stock up on great quality spices.
Cinnamon, black pepper, cayenne pepper so often used in Sicilian cuisine, but also cumin, mustard and coriander seeds, dry mint for talatouri or tzatziki(a yogurt, cucumber, garlic and dry mint salad), cardamom, curcuma, green pepper and the famous Greek Masticha from Chios.

With all these great fresh spices in my cupboard, it is a pleasure to start cooking again in my kitchen after a short break and I am ready to start a new season of cooking classes, with an extra pinch of taste.

Written on
January 11, 2011