Eurochocolate in Modica!

From the 18th to the 20th of March, Modica becomes the Mediterannean chocolate capital, since it will be hosting a special edition of Eurochocolate, focused on Easter Eggs. The event is aptly called "Il Cioccolato a Modica - il Miglior Amico dell'Uovo" - "Chocolate in Modica - An Egg's Best Friend".

The programme for Eurochocolate will include an exhibition space in Piazza Matteotti, called ChocoCircus, a market featuring all the illustrious chocolatiers of Modica, organised sweet-shop crawls through the city, and a walk that combines the monuments of Modica to their chocolate-related past!

At the very heart of the whole affair, there is, of course, the Easter egg in various versions.

The most important, absolutely key point however, is that we will be there!! Trying everything out and recording the event for posterity on Via Ritiro N.7.

As Arch. Eugenio Gaurducci, the founder of Eurochocolate, says:

Cioccolatamente Vostri!

Written on
January 11, 2005
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