A February weekend in Sicily: Etna or Agrigento Mandorlo in Fiore Festival?

When thinking about visiting Sicily, one usually thinks either about spring or summer as the ideal time to enjoy the island. However, every month of the year can offer special Sicilian experiences to visitors and Siciliani alike.
I must admit that last weekend (20th-21st of February) choosing what to do was pleasantly hard. "Shall we go to Etna or to Agrigento Mandorlo in Fiore Festival?
We went to have fun on the Etna slope while our friend Andrea went to Agrigento.
Below you can enjoy photos from both places, pictures of typical Sicilian "carretti" and international "folk groups" Andrea shot at the festival in Agrigento as well as Mount Etna covered in snow and the Greek temples of the Valley of the Temples.

Written on
February 24, 2010