San Corrado procession in Noto

Every year, in February, Noto celebrates the anniversary of the death of San Corrado, its patron Saint, with a procession dating back to the year 1644. The same procession, however, takes place also the last Sunday of August, to remember the day when an official messsanger from the Vatican brought the news that Corrado Confalonieri had been officially made Saint.

The city is now preparing for the big day which is also a chance for the people of Noto who now live elsewhere and for tourists to see the procession during the holidays.

San Corrado was from Calendasco, in the province of Piacenza, and left all his posessions to become a Franciscan monk.

He travelled throughout Italy for and in 1340 arrived in Not where he then lived in total seclusion in a cave situated in the Valley of the Miracles.

On the day of the anniversary the locals pay their respects with a procession to the Chiesa del Crocifisso carrying the heavy silver urn containing the reliques of the saint.

You can have an idea of the procession thanks to these videos:

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August 28, 2009
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