Beyond Organic

When is a grocer allowed to label vegetables as 'beyond organic'? When the grocer in question is Signor Culetto (the reasons for the name will become apparent soon).

Signor Culetto has a brand spanking new shop somewhere between the road from Modica to Ispica. The shop gets a new facelift every year so you are never quite sure where the cucumbers will be. The design costs are not too high for this - just depends on how the seeds are thrown and how Signor Culetto feels like ordering produce in his shop. Of course, it helps when the shop is the field where the produce is grown itself.

The redesigned grocer shop for 2004

The sign at the entrance is brief but very clear - here you buy vegetables -VERY fresh vegetable.

The sign says it all!

Once in you get a wide choice from cucumbers to aubergines, lettuce, tomatoes, various types of beans, excellent large white onions, zucchini, and anything else Signor Culetto decides to plant that year.

Basic but functional

One of a wide choice of produce

Some haggling on prices is possible, although I doubt you will feel like doing it. Once Katia and I picked up two kilos of aubergines, two lettuce, a kilo of cucumbers and some wonderful peppers and got asked for four euro fifty, we decided that five euro would do just as well!!

Oh, as for the name - it is not the real name -but rather a nickname adopted because of the most prominent part of the wonderful grocer that clients get to see.

Probably the best grocer in the world!

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July 28, 2004
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