August 2009 food highlight: wood oven pizzas.

Having done the dining out, the fancy home made dinner for friends, the fish grigliata, the beach pic-nic, the ice-cream brioche, there is no question that August holidays' highlight was making pizza in the traditional oven with my family.

We spent the crazy busy week of Ferragosto in my parents' countryside little cottage, on the hills around Noto Antica, away from the crowds and the busy seaside locations. It was peaceful, cool and simple. You sit down in the opne and relax looking at the great spectacle of nature and archeology intermingling in a special 18th century atmosphere. That place is just magic!

One night the whole family had fun making and eating pizzas. The photos show the hands of three generations playing with pizza dough, my mother, my daughter and I. Dad was in charge of the wood oven and grand-dad collected the wood and....... enjoyed the pizzas. The little one had so much fun!

We kept them very simple, just tomatoes, basil, oregano and cheese. We made also one with roasted pepper on top which was simply delicious.

This also gave us new ideas for our cookery lessons. We are now working on it and will let you know as soon as we define the details.

Written on
August 30, 2009