Katia's Red & Black Rice Salad for a Summer "Eastern" Sicilian evening

It was a real pleasure having Palma D'Onofrio from "La Prova del Cuoco", the Italian version of British TV programme Ready Steady Cook, in my kicthen for a special lesson about asian food and cooking with a wok. Palma's recipes were a success and I am sure this was just the first of a series of amazing lessons about "World Cusine" in the loveSicily kitchen in Modica. Obviously, I can share her recipes only with the participants to the lesson, but below you can find a recipe of mine that I prepared for the buffet that followed the lesson that people really enjoyed.


500 gr Arlecchino Rice (Mixture of black and red rice)
1 ripe Mango
1 lime
1 red bell pepper
fresh mint
2 medallions of crystallized ginger
1 glass of rice vinegar or apple vinegar
salt and oil

Boil rice in salted water and leave to cool. You can use a rice steamer if you have one (that's what I did). Clean and cut the mango into small cubes and season with lime juice. Clean the peppers and blanch it in water and rice vinegar or apple vinegar until the skin comes off easily, but the pulp remains compact. Cut into cubes. Mix the mango and pepper to the rice, add some light tasting olive oil or sesame oil and season with salt. Finish the dish with grated crystallized ginger.
Sprinkle with fresh mint leaves before serving.

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July 10, 2012
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