Cinema di Frontiera in Marzamemi

A few days ago the ''Festival internazionale del cinema di frontiera'' began in Marzamemi, a tiny fishing village close to Pachino. The theme of the festival (as the title suggests) was films that dealt with the subject of borders, whether physical or purely conceptual.

After a rather tiresome parade of 'persone importanti' promoting books, films and in general their greatness over the mere mortals watching - including an inspiring talk by the mayor who managed to say the same thing in almost 11 different ways! - the festival was on its way.

The film we watched is called 'Welcome Mr. President' and its directed by Pjer Zalica. It's a story about the frontiers between Serbs and Croats and how they can be overcome - even when politicians and the international community seem to just make things worse. Definitely worth watching wherever you are. The ending is just as it should be and the acting is consistently good throughout - the film achieves the very hard task of mixing the tough reality of borders where smuggler gangs, corrupt politicians and normal life intertwine with humour, sensitivity and respect to the people.

Other than some very good films, the best thing about the festival was that it took place in one of the most charming squares we have ever come across. The square only has a few shops, an abandoned church and some old houses, which creates a great atmosphere for any kind of gathering.

Beautiful bacdrop for a screen

The abandoned church

The night was finished with a spaghetti allo scoglio and some nice white wine at a local restaurant, right on the sea (dinner at 1230am I should add since this is the Med :-) ).

The abandoned church under the moon

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July 30, 2004
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