San Martinu - tasting the new wines

The Sicilian calendar is marked by the succession of special events, celebrations, holidays - fixed appointments that shape life on the island.

We just talked of the celebration of the 2nd of November and the "iuorno dei muorti", but this occasion is immediately followed by another special day - San Martino, on the 11th of November.

The saying goes that "A San Martinu ogni mustu diventa vinu" (On Saint Martin's day must turns into wine). In fact this is the time when the new wine is ready and people try it for the first time. It is a moment of joy and celebration as the result of months of hard work can be finally appreciated. Obviously, the wine is accompanied by typical food, especially sweets. In Palermo and the surrounding area they prepare special biscuits, called in fact Biscotti di San Martino, while in the East of Sicily people prepare crispeddi, o friteddi o zzippuli i San Martinu which are made of a soft dough and are fried. Recipes vary and, although, the most common are sweet ones, there are even versions with anchovies or other savory ingredients.

Written on
November 10, 2004
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