€1 houses in Salemi: really interesting blog and documentary project Sgarbiville

You probably heard about the town of Salemi in the Trapani area and the art critic Vittorio Sgarbi, who is not Sicilian and does not live in the town, becoming mayor and putting some old houses up for sale at €1 each.
I found out that a documentary film maker, Philipp Kaindl, has recenlty filmed in Salemi following the story. I found his blog and loved the account of his experience while filming.
The name of the blog is Sgarbiville where you find interesting photos, videos and a sort of diary of the filming experience. The crew has just recently left Sicily but they claim more posts will be following as Philipp starts with the editing of everything they filmed.

Not to be missed is a fantastic video of a post entitled:
So what are we doing in Salemi? We found some people who can explain it to you.

I am certainly going to follow the Sgarbiville blog and try to get in touch with Philipp as I would love to talk to him about their project for our blog.

Intro to the blog: Sgarbiville
Salemi / Sicily. A little town in Western Sicily has a new mayor. Neither is he Sicilian, nor does he live here. He is a renowned and infamous art critic with a mind of his own and a desire for controversy. A year has passed, since he has been elected mayor. And things are beginning to change in Salemi... or are they really?

A video showing the town of Salemi

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July 16, 2009
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