VoglioVivereCosi from Katia Amore on Vimeo.

Voglio Vivere Così is an Italian TV programme on the channel Cielo,  dedicated to people who changed their life and moved to a different location that conquered their heart. For me of course, it was all about returning to beautiful Modica, restore my grandparents' house and start the loveSicily cooking school.

You can find the episode below, it is obviously in Italian, but you do not need to speak the language to understand how beautiful and charming the city of Modica is.

In the episode I take the presenter, Italian actress Giorgia Wurth, around the cooking school talking about my decision to come back to Modica, later we go visit Antica Dolceria Bonajuto to talk to Pierpaolo Ruta about the job opportunities the area still offers in the food sector, we also go up to the Duomo of San Giorgio, my favourite spot in town and the view I am so lucky to enjoy everyday from our terrace.