Wedding Season Trends

There are two ways to know that it's wedding season in Sicily - firstly you can just look out the window and see all the flowers in bloom, the perfect weather and you just now that this is the ideal time for celebrations. Secondly, try to catch our resident chef Salvatore on the phone.... It's practically impossible since he is booked for days in a row!

He just gets a brief respite towards the end of May and June before starting all over again in July and August... Yes, we know. Probably not the best time to get married in the hottest period of the year but the evenings are not bad at all and churches tend to stay cool inside. Furthermore, this gives those relatives and friends who live somewhere else in Italy or abroad, the chance to attend the wedding during their holidays.

Wedding Fasion in Sicily in front of San Giorgio, Modica   Wedding Fasion in Sicily in front of San Giorgio, Modica

But we are not going to talk about food or wine for weddings or even the weather! Sicily, comfortable in her culinary tradition and the ability to provide favourable weather conditions, is now on to conquer other fields... such as fashion! Indeed, the interesting twist to Sicilian weddings in the past few years has been how increasingly more trendy they have become. Today we talk specifically about Sicilian bridal fashion, which is quickly conquering the Italian scene. Designers have returned to one-piece dresses for this year, and the new collections are rich of embroideries and laces in all shapes and forms as well as colours like lavender, green, pink, yellow. However, the catwalks also presented many outfits that combined rich bustier with skirts, which have now become a "classic" combination for brides.

In Sicily, the designer Marella Ferrera, acclaimed worldwide for her creations infused with Sicilian elements, is also particularly famous for her bridal collections. Marella Ferrera's brides wear dresses which combine vintage or traditionally made embroideries, decorations with terracotta, ceramic from Caltagirone, fragments of mother-of-pearl, corals from Sciacca, raffia or lava stones with modern lines and cuts. The dresses in the pictures are from Marella's various collections. The one to the left above makes heavy use of lace and the picture was taken in front of San Giorgio in Modica, while the second one is from the 2004 collection with corals. The first of the two below features the use of ceramics, while the second the use of teracotta.

Each piece is both, a dress and a sculpture, just a piece of Sicily to wear.

Ceramics used on a wedding dress   Terracotta
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April 27, 2005
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