Top 10 cooking mistakes I see during my cooking classes

I have been teaching cooking classes to hundreds of people for over a decade now and the best part of the experience has always been sharing our passion for food, personal kitchen anecdotes, cooking tips and exchanging recipes.

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This year on the 14th of February people around the world celebrate Saint Valentine's day, Carnival and Chinese New Year.

For those of you who missed loveSicily on Gary Rhodes new TV series Rhodes Across Italy on the BB

When I lived in Venice, my friends used to say that I was too fussy about two things: the beach and oranges. Now guess who spoiled me?

We can finally say that last October (2009) we had the pleasure of filming with a Denham Productions crew for British Chef

While Christmas was all about tradition with the "mpanati"

Madonna della Seggiola by Raffaello Sanzio projected on Saint Peter's Church.

In my Sicilian dessert recipes series today we make Croccante di mandorle.

Today is Saint Lucia day, praton Saint of Siracusa.

This year, choosing presents for my friends turned out to be really easy and the best part of it is that they are all created in Sicily.

I met Henry Robertson about three years ago, when he came to my classes with his lovely wife Carol who organises culinary tours around Italy.

Nonna Elvira is the reason why, today, I run a cooking school, she is the one who passed on her love for food to my mother and I, but she also gave

Antica Focacceria San Francesco, founded in 1834 and run by the Conticello family, is a world famous temple of st