Top 10 cooking mistakes I see during my cooking classes

I have been teaching cooking classes to hundreds of people for over a decade now and the best part of the experience has always been sharing our passion for food, personal kitchen anecdotes, cooking tips and exchanging recipes.

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In Sicily, an increasing number of wine producers sharing a respectful and concerned approch to nature, have managed to translate this love for the

Love and passion for food have always been part of my family culture and I am happy that my dau

Every season we like to update our culinary tours in the attempt to include always the best food related experiences this area of Sicily has to of

We are right in the middle of our spring culinary and cooking tours right now and I have little time to devote to the blog, but I just could not wa

I love this fish called "spatulidda" in Sicilian, "pesce sciabola" in Italian, "scabbard fish" in English.

For a 21st century Sicilian Easter lunch I suggest a modern interpreatation of a classic of Sicilian street food cuisine: Arancino aperto.

Easter is a very special time in Sicily, a wonderful blend of religious celebrations and traditions.

World famous designers Dolce & Gabbana have recently been on the news for their return to Sicily as source of inspiration for their latest coll

Spring is in the air in Sicily and we celebrated with a very seasonal risotto we prepared during a cooking class last Tuesday.

When thinking about visiting Sicily, one usually thinks either about spring or summer as the ideal time to enjoy the island.

Ravioli di ricotta con sugo di maiale. Evviva il carnevale!

This year on the 14th of February people around the world celebrate Saint Valentine's day, Carnival and Chinese New Year.