Top 10 cooking mistakes I see during my cooking classes

I have been teaching cooking classes to hundreds of people for over a decade now and the best part of the experience has always been sharing our passion for food, personal kitchen anecdotes, cooking tips and exchanging recipes.

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Since we started this blog (only four months ago!

It's October and this of course means harvest time all over the Mediterranean. Olives and grapes in particular are being collected now.

On the way from the airport to Modica, driving on the motorway that passes through fields and reaches the outskirts of various towns, the perfumes

Modica la Dolce (Modica, the sweet one) will be the name of the area reserved to the famous Cioccolata Modicana at the

We are happy to announce that the wonderful Is My Blog Burning?

The flow of lava from Etna is continuing, nothing dangerous as yet - just some spectacular views for locals and visitors.

Those of you who have followed this blog before may have noticed the little piece on the si

Sicily produces roughly twice the annual volume of Australia in terms of wine.

Another edition of this wonderful idea of Alberto of Il Forno is taking place.

The mosaics of Villa del Casale in Piazza Armerina are widely recognised as some of the best examples of Roman-era mosaics in existence.

This recipe marks loveSicily's second go at an IMBB virtual get together and the first o

Its been some time now that we haven't given any updates on the progress of works at Via Ritiro.