Messina Style Granita

We spent summer enjoying the various flavours of Sicilian granite but we have not posted about them yet. You might say that you had enough and got the point already as we keep mentioning the delights of Sicilian summer breakfast with a granita and brioche on the blog. Well this time we want to add something new moving to the North-East of the island to explain how the granite business is done in the Messina area.

While in the rest of Sicily a granita is usually eaten with bread or a brioche, in Messina, and surrounding area, they make a wonderful kind of biscuits that simply have the perfect shape and consistency to be dipped.

The heart of the biscuit absorbs the flavour of the granita becoming pleasantly cool and soft, almost spongy; the outside shell maintains a pleasant unexpected crunchy consistency.

If you ever happen to be in that area of Sicily you cannot miss this experience. Of course, if you can, you should try to get the best biscuits going to Bar Pasticceria De Stefano in Piazza San Giovanni in Santo Stefano Briga south of Messina. Try the round ones as well - not quite as good for dipping but excellent for eating nonetheless!

If you are as lucky as we are you might just have a friend or a cousin visiting or living in that area that could bring them directly to you. Thanks Anna!

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August 18, 2006
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