Keeping in touch with loveSicilians...

It is such a pleasure to receive greetings and news from loveSicilians, people who have been on our culinary tours and spent a full week of cooking, eating, drinking and discovering Sicily with us while sharing some thoughts, ideas and life stories.

Obviously, with some people the connection is more immediate and stronger, so we just love it when they come back to visit again and again or when they let us know how they are doing via email. Sometime it is just to say "hello!" and ask how we are doing, sometime is to ask about a recipe or share one with us, other times we also get fantastic pictures.
This month we heard from Beatrice, who was with us last May, and found out we will see each other again in October and meet her husband and friends, then we got pictures from Elizabeth and Katherine....and what pictures!

Elizabeth sent a picture of Phoebe's new tomatoes, she said they were the best tomatoes she had since the ones she had in Sicily two years ago. I remember during the cooking class with them, we always stopped to try tomatoes before we started using them in the recipes because they loved the sweet taste of Sicilian tomatoes so much. I was thrilled to see they managed to grow some tasty ones at home. Well done girls! Brave.

Katherine sent me a picture of the maidda her husband Will made for her. A maidda is a Sicilian traditional wooden container to prepare dough and I use one my dad made for me at the school. Will took some pictures of it, went back to Alabama and made one for his wife.
How wonderful it was to receive the photo! My dad was really impressed.....and notice Katherine's home-made bread in the corner.
These make me and my team really happy putting a big smile on our faces. Thanks you all guys, let's keep in touch!

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August 23, 2011
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