Home-Made Almond Granita

The holidays are over and the various events that food bloggers participate in to foster the sharing of recipes are once more back online. For the 7th of January, the Sugar High Friday is scheduled, which unites bloggers around a common theme in search of sweets. This time the theme is nuts, hosted by Seattle Bon Vivant.

Now, nuts present both a great opportunity for us, since Sicily is strong on nuts - as discussed previously. The only real challgence was time. And to solve it we had to resort to a recipe that would not require more than five minutes...Oh, and some evolved German kitchen gadget.

The recipe in question is home-made almond granita. We must stress the home-made aspect, because while tasty it simply does not match one made in the right bar with the right dedication and equipment (as we have already mentioned). The technology in question is the famous (if you know it) Bimby - now Bimby requires a blog story of its own but as we already mentioned time is of the essence! Suffice to say that we've never seen it in a shop in the UK, and in Sicily you must know someone who knows someone to actually get it! I am sure that in Germany its probably widely available. If curious follow this link to find out more. Basically it is a very, very powerful mixer ... and a powerful mixer is absolutely necessary as you will see by the recipe.

So (finally!) on to the recipe.

150 gr of sugar
600 gr of ice-cubes
100 gr of almonds (with their skin on for texture)
100 gr of water

You first place the sugar in the mixer and turn it into dust. Then add everything else and mix until you get a nice creamy consistency. This should not take more than three minutes so that everything is still cold. And this is why you need a very powerful mixer - all that ice and almonds don't just dissolve :)

You can of course vary the various measure to get it sweeter, more almondy, etc. Keep in mind it will not survive for long - it makes an ideal breakfast (for summer though - must admit that it was a bit too cold for a January night!).

Home-made Sicilian Granita

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January 7, 2005
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