Our Sicilian Cookery Itinerary

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You just need to get here - we will do the rest

The only thing you need to do is arrive in Sicily - we take care of the rest. We will pick you up from the airport (Catania International Airport) and make sure that the rest of the week you can simply enjoy the lessons and the tours. We will then make sure you get to your next destination (either the airport or somewhere else in Sicily) as a Sicilian food expert!

Small classes

The maximum number of students per class is 8.

All classes are taught in English and/or Italian while German is also an option. During the lesson we cook together and for certain recipes each participant has her/his own dish to prepare.

Relaxed, hand-on courses

The cooking classes lasts about 3 hours and, usually we take a small break in the middle to sit down and relax outside on the terrace with a drink of water, wine or coffee. At the end of the session, when everybody is ready, we can finally sit down and enjoy our meal with a good bottle of Sicilian wine.

Interesting trips - not long drives

The longest drive we take is about 1 hour and 15 minutes and there is only one of those. The rest are under 50 minutes. We find that long hours in the bus are simply a waste of time and we are lucky that our cookery school is placed right in the center of a wealth of interesting places to see.

Below is a day-by-day description of our itinerary. Keep in mind that some things may vary based on season and availability.

Day One - Welcome

Arrival at Catania airport and transfer to the accommodation. A welcome dinner in the evening provides the first taste of Sicilian food and wine.

Day Two - Intro to Sicilian Cooking and Modica

After breakfast, straight into the kitchen of the loveSicily Cookery School for our first lesson.

In the afternoon, we tour the beautiful city of Modica - our base for the entire week. This is a walking tour since the cookery school is right in the heart of the historical city centre. We will try and show you the main points of interest but also some of the lesser known back streets of Modica that offer wonderful views of the city and its life.

Dinner is free in Modica.

Day Three - The seaside

After breakfast, we go to the kitchen for our second lesson.

In the afternoon, we take off for an exploration of the coast starting from a lovely winery close to the sea and moving on for a walk at the Vendicari Nature Reserve visiting the newly restored Tonnara. Then we move to Noto, which beyond the magnificent architecture, hides many culinary specialties such as wonderful honey, sweet wines and almond-based sweets.

In the evening we can enjoy some of Modica's rustic delicacies such as scacci and arancini as well as a variety of cheese accompanied with some of our favourite wines.

Day Four - Siracusa Market and Old Town

After breakfast we head of to the beautiful historical city centre of Siracusa, Ortygia for a walk around the Market.

Then you will be free to wonder around and explore the city centre where you can see the Temple of Apollo, the Duomo with its magnificent Baroque facade and Doric temple columns, the legendary Arethusa Fountain and the Norman Maniace Castle. Ortygia is also a great place to go shopping. After lunch we return to Modica.

Dinner is free in Modica.

Day Five - Modica Chocolate and Countryside

This is the last day in the kitchen for our third lesson.

Today we pay tribute to one of the most important products of South-East Sicily, chocolate! Modica is famous for its chocolate and chocolate-based sweets, whose routes can be traced back to Mexican traditions brought to Sicily via the Spaniards. We visit the world-famous chocolate lab of Bonajuto, for a private tour and a chance to taste their latest creations.

In the afternoon we go visit Mulino Cavallo, where the current owners have maintained the traditional water mill and the old dwellings used up until the beginning of the nineteenth century by their family. We can see how they still use the mill to produce excellent whole meal durum wheat flour.

For dinner we go to the sea-side village of Pozzallo.

Day Six - Winery Visit

We dedicate this day to visit an olive grove and a winery near Chiaramonte to understand their extra virgin olive oil and wine-making production process.

At night we all sit round the table for a farewell dinner!

Day Seven - Arrivederci!

Transfer back to Catania airport for those heading back home and transfer and pointers for those staying on for more holidays!

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