San Giovanni in Sicily

San Giovanni in Sicily

Today we celebrate San Giovanni, Saint John day, with processions taking palce in many towns around Sicily.
Just in the Province of Ragusa, where our cookery school is based, there are 4 processions, one in Ragusa, one in Monterosso Almo and in Pozzallo.

"Modica and its heavenly sights" on the Financial Times

"Modica and its heavenly sights" on the Financial Times

I just came accross an interesting article about Modica on the Financial Times wonderfully written by Dan Hofstadter.
The title of the article is Modica and its heavenly sights

In spite of heavy rain on the day, Modica charmed the author with its stunning Baroque architecture, its history, its food and chocolate, of course!

Catania Airport - Runway repairs from 12th to 15th of May

Just wanted to let everyone know that Catania airport will be closed from 1600 of May 12th all through 1400 the 15th of May because of necessary repairs to its main runway.

Get in touch with your flight ticket providers for details to what happens to your flights - several are being re-directed to Palermo.

Unfortunately there is nothing on the Catania Airport Website but there is a small announcement on the Alitalia website.

British Airways fly direct to Catania

For the first time this summer British Airways is flying to Catania from Gatwick Airport. Siracusa and Ragusa are just about an hour away from the airport, so it has never been easier to get to the area. You can have a look at the schedules on the BA website.

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