Carnival Gnucchiti

February is a busy month in Sicily, we celebrate Carnival, Sant' Agata in Catania, the almond festival in Agrigento and now even the more modern San Valentine's Day and guess what? Food plays always a central role.
Carnival is celebrated all over the island with parades in Acireale, Sciacca, Palazzolo Acreide and other towns attracting hundreds of visitors. In the town of Ispica, one of the most important Carnival traditions is the preparation of 'gnucchitti', which are a typical pasta prepared for two occasions only during the year Carnival and the Maundy Thursday.

La Mattanza

Few more days and I will be in Sicily! But, as my mother reminded me, I will have missed the tuna season. Every year at the end of springtime tunas migrate from the Atlantic ocean to the warmer Mediterranean waters. The "mattanza", the ancient ritual of the giant blue fin tuna harvest takes place from the beginning of May until June, and since even modern fishing techniques follow the season, getting there in mid-July is really too late.

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