Shrimps and herbs spaghetti with final Sicilian touch

Printer-friendly versionPrinter-friendly versionThis is a quick, easy, great recipe with simple ingredients for a Sicilian style light summer dinner. It is perfect when you are having friends over after a day at work or at the end of a hot day spent sunbathing at the beach. The ingredients are shrimps, fresh spaghetti or tagliolini, parsley, lemon thyme, toasted bread crumbs and extra virgin olive oil. You sauté the shrimps in little olive oil and set aside, be careful not to overcook them. Then prepare a cold sauce with extra virgin olive oil, chopped parsley and lemon thyme. If possible choose to bruise the herbs with a mortar and pestle instead of chopping them. As soon as the pasta is ready, add the shrimps and, then, the olive oil and herbs mixture trying to coat the spaghetti really well. Toss the pasta and just before serving sprinkle with the final Sicilian touch, toasted bread crumbs. A good bottle of Sicilian Inzolia, a great well-structured white wine with notes of almond and citrus, will turn a simple dinner into a real treat.