Dolce di ricotta al limoncello bianco

Dolce di ricotta al limoncello bianco

Pumpkin gnocchi - Gnocchi di zucca

This recipe marks loveSicily's second go at an IMBB virtual get together and the first one at an international level. Hope you enjoy! This is a sicilian gnocchi version of a dumpling and mixing four kinds of cheese along with pumpkin to make the dumplings. Although we haven't done it this time it is very effective to serve the whole thing in the emptied pumpkin at the end - we went for the pumkin themed plate instead :-)

Pasta ché Vruoccoli

This recipe inaugurates what we hope will be a lasting tradition of presenting interesting Sicilian recipes - pictures should also be included but this time the food was gone in a flash ;-)

Also for those wanting to practice their Italian recipes will always be in both English and Italian

There are different versions of this recipe, but the most well-know, which for some reason Palermo has a claim on is as follows:

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