Autumn seasonal sicilian menu

Autumn seasonal sicilian menu

I love Autumn and its wonderful products and last week I made a lunch using four seasonal ingredients: Porcini mushroom, pistachios and chestnuts from mount Etna, Feijoa form Acitrezza and Lampuca, courtesy the Mediterranean sea.

I used Etna's porcini in a simple pappardelle pasta dish with Parmesan and parsley. Simply great!

Then I prepared Lampuca with a Feijoa sauce.

Lampuca, which is dolphin-fish (mahi-mahi), is in season right now, and is a fish I really love. It belongs to the bluefish family and its meat is firm, tasty and versatile.

Pietra Lavica - Cooking with Lava

The first of May - and the traditional celebration of workers rights and achievements - is celebrated by most Italians by taking a well-earned break and enjoy a day in the countryside, since the date also coincides with the first really sunny and warm days of the year.

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