San Giovanni in Sicily

San Giovanni in Sicily

Today we celebrate San Giovanni, Saint John day, with processions taking palce in many towns around Sicily.
Just in the Province of Ragusa, where our cookery school is based, there are 4 processions, one in Ragusa, one in Monterosso Almo and in Pozzallo.

Friday eating habits during Lent in Sicily

In the Christian tradition, Lent is the forty days period of the liturgical year which leads up to Easter devoted to fasting and prayer.

Nowadays, the Lent traditions have lost the central role they use to have in the past in spite of the fact that a significant number of people still participates into church activities and especially to the friday afternoon Via Crucis.

The new loveSicily school is ready

Hard to believe, but the restoration of my family home in Modica is finally over and loveSicily finally has a new building for the cookery school.

We spent a year running after builders, plumbers, carpenters, architect, ect... and, by last May, the delays and the problems started to get their toll.

Hearing back from friends...

It is always a pleasure for us when we receive news and pictures from the “students” of the loveSicily cookery programme. It is nice to hear about those who have organised Sicilian dinner parties for their friends or experimented with their own version of the recipes.

Liberi di Volare - Free to fly

Sicily is a region blessed with stunning natural settings ranging from the imposing beauty of the volcano Etna to the sandy beaches of Vendicari, from the charming Eolian islands to the rich vegetation of the Nebrodi Mountains.

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