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Alessandro - 'U Pisciaru'

Two days in Sicily and I must have already eaten about 8 different kinds of fish. Now hold on, before you jump to any conclusions, let me assure you that it is not a case of me stuffing myself and having eight meals in two days! The fact is, that just in my mother's fish soup last night there must have been at least six varieties of fish.

The great thing was actually going to buy the fish with mamma. We went to Alessandro 'u pisciaru' (the fishmonger), who is a young guy full of passion and

La Mattanza

Few more days and I will be in Sicily! But, as my mother reminded me, I will have missed the tuna season. Every year at the end of springtime tunas migrate from the Atlantic ocean to the warmer Mediterranean waters. The "mattanza", the ancient ritual of the giant blue fin tuna harvest takes place from the beginning of May until June, and since even modern fishing techniques follow the season, getting there in mid-July is really too late.

Noto wine gets recognition

The Telegraph, a well-respected UK newspaper, is featuring a wine from Noto as their Wine of the Week. The wine is the Santa Cecilia 2001, a product of the Planeta wineries. It is made entirely with Nero d'Avola. Fifty percent of the grapes come from the Dispensa vineyard in Menfi, while the other fifty percent comes from the Buonivini estate in Noto. According to The Telegraph the wine is "packed with aromatic, juicy red and black fruit with spicy hints of liquorice and cinammon".

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