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loveSicily begun life in 2003 and is the creation of Katia Amore and her husband, Ronald Ashri. They got married in Sicily in a beautiful sunny April day in 2003. About that time they also decided that the South-East region of Sicily is a place they enjoy and love and the place they really want to be after having lived for several years in the UK working as university researchers.

Katia Amore

Katia was born in the South-East of Sicily, in Modica, and grew up just 20 minutes away - in Ispica. Her family has always had a passionate love for food which has been passed from generation to generation. A lot of the recipes we prepare at the cookery school are directly taken from notebooks Katia's grandmother kept. Find out more about Katia.

Ronald Ashri

Ronald was born and grew up in Limassol, Cyprus (another beautiful Mediterranean island). He is also an avid lover of food and cooking. When he is not in the kitchen trying recipes that are far above and beyond his skills he takes care of this website and runs his own web development company.

Of course, loveSicily is nothing without our many other great collaborators in Sicily. Thanks to all of them!